Get Involved

We are always looking for ways for parents to get involved in the PTC and Elk Grove High School.  If you are interested in a committee, please email [email protected]
Holiday Sampler Craft Fair – 1st Sunday in November
  • Advertising – working with local newspapers to create adds, posting signage around the village, posting fair on various websites, and social media.
  • Concessions – Setup and purchase of items for the concession stand the day of the fair.  You will not be starting from scratch, all amounts and items are well documented.
  • Volunteers – Coordinating volunteers of parents, staff and students.
  • Vendors – Coordinate crafters for the event
  • Raffle – Coordinate and setup for raffle the day of the event.  Raffle prizes are donations from venders participating in the fair.
Post Prom Event
  • Event Location – coordinate with post prom committee and the venue of choice
  • Transportation – Work with bus companies to schedule event
  • Fundraising – Setup supplemental fundraising  sales For example, selling suckers at home football games
  • Donations – ask local businesses in Elk Grove and Des Plaines for cash donations
  • Post Prom Tickets – work with vendor or create your own
  • Post Prom Pre-Sale – coordinated pre-sale of event tickets

Help coordinated several events throughout the year including teacher appreciation and the Japanese exchange dinner.

Nominating Committee

We need one or two people to be the point person for nominating interested parties to the PTC Board each year.  You need to attend both the April and May meetings for nominations and elections as well as checking in monthly with the Vice President to give committee updates.

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